Sometimes life presents us with seemingly impossible situations. I believe that the answers lie within us, and I am committed to facilitating your process of self-discovery. You can respond to your life from a place of conscious choice. You can achieve clarity and balance.

Using a therapist is a significant step along the journey to greater well-being and more satisfying relationships. There are many therapists and different types of therapies, but there is no one approach that works for everyone. The best approach is what feels right for you. Finding a therapist you trust and feel comfortable with is crucial to meaningful and successful therapy.

I create a warm, safe and encouraging environment where you can open to the challenges you face and your own wisdom on a deep level. My approach is highly interactive, and I work with adults and teens at my Santa Monica office.

Being a witness and providing support along many healing journeys, I am in awe of the human spirit’s capacity to change and heal. I work with each unique individual to help them access their capacity to grow and to create relationships of deepening love, trust and intimacy.

Allow me to accompany, guide, and support you on your way. Together we will find a way forward with strength, integrity, joy, purpose and fulfillment.

Make the first step towards growth.

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