One of Dr. Emmons’ many strengths is her focus and appreciation of her client’s experience.  Her empathy is seamless in this way and contributes to an environment of shared learning and understanding.  This positively impacts the quality of care she provides as her clients receive an authentic ear with vested interest that adds to genuine sharing, understanding and insight.
Owen Petersen, Psy.D.

I have been fortunate enough to work closely with Dr. Emmons for the past several years. I cannot speak highly enough about her skills and professionalism as a therapist. Her compassionate, client-centered approach to therapy provides her clients with a safe space to begin exploring the difficult or painful issues that have brought them into therapy. Her capacity to be present and fully attuned to her clients is just one of the qualities that makes her work with them so effective. When I am considering referrals for clients, Dr. Emmons is without a doubt the first person I would send them to!” – Dr. Kelly Mothner

I had the pleasure of working alongside Dr Emmons in a group practice. She displayed the utmost respect, care and dedication to her clients. I witnessed her work hard to be available and supportive to clients and colleagues alike. She possesses sharp, intuitive clinical skills and yet consistently creates a warm, safe environment for the clients in her care. I would recommend her to my loved ones in need without hesitation. – Dr Lydia Mackeogh, Program Director, Destinations to Recovery Intensive Outpatient Program

I have worked with Dr. Emmons for many years. She has a kind and compassionate, yet very professional manner with her patients. She has expertise in working with patients with cancer and their families. I often hear positive feedback from patients regarding their experience with Dr. Emmons. – Josephine McNary, MD

Alexandra is an exceptional professional, combining her excellent clinical skills with warmth and compassion for clients.  – KS

As someone familiar with Dr Emmons’ clinical skills, I can confidently recommend her.  She is diligent about her work, compassionate and engaged. – Cynthia Speich, Psy.D.

I moved to Los Angeles 3 years ago from New York City, and was lucky enough to be introduced to Alexandra. There is absolutely no judgment in her demeanor; instead, she has me focus on healthy things I can do for myself. I feel more at peace after I see her. She is punctual, attentive and insightful. She celebrates accomplishments with joy and I have the most fulfilling conversations with her- be it about my career or family. She is mature and wise beyond her years. Every person has a unique gift and Alexandra found her true calling as a therapist. She truly wants to help people be the best versions of themselves. I am blessed and thankful to have her in my life. – CM

Alexandra has been a colleague for over 6 years. It is always a pleasure collaborating with her as she takes her patients mental health and growth very seriously. Alexandra works with clients from a challenging but affectionate and collaborative approach, which allows for change to occur.”
Dr. Katja Pohl

It is my pleasure to recommend Alexandra Emmons. She is not only highly skilled and capable from an intellectual standpoint but from a human perspective, she is one of the most compassionate and empathetic listeners I have had the luck to meet. – TD

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